Sunday, 28 March 2010

Lives, breathes, sleeps beauty....

I was with a couple of my closest friends last night at the Spa hotel, sipping on champayne i may add and sarah said "the thing is with Jess is she just lives, breathes, sleeps beauty, thats Jess." This comment came about because i was sitting discussing vickys nails, the inquisition of beauty always arises when around them. The same as its non negotiable i always do there make up before going out and they all book most weekend for there spray tans. I do this because i generally want to,  I love beauty and i love my friends. Its like musicans... they were born with that star quality to sing and entertain. As my friend very amusingly once put it " some people have talents and yours is doing the best bikini line wax...."

Beauty to me is all about treating yourself, taking time for you. Its not about being cosmetic, false or even changing imperfections.

My absolute favourite thing about my job is when i see peoples reactions. Their look of pure relaxation when i have finished a massage or facial it is just priceless. I think this is known as job satisfaction...
Id love to be sucessful but the only way to do that is by providing good treatments and to care about your clients needs. Tailor make them to get the best results for each indivdual client.

I am currently recruiting for the salon, the long hours till nine o clock most nights is starting to take its toll, so think its time.
Now i am looking for that same beauty therapist that lives, breathes and sleeps beauty.... think ill find someone??? I have no doubt in my mind that i will.

I would love to know what you all live, breathe and sleep. Please leave a comment below

Sunday, 21 March 2010

So it seems everyone needs some TLC at the moment...

This is my first ever blog i wanted to share with you my journey, ill try to keep you entertained but also give you lots of tip and tricks! Enjoy......

8th October 2009 was my biggest achievement yet; I opened the beauty salon Vanity Fair in Tunbridge Wells. After a slightly caotic two months i was finally ready to open the doors for the opening night, (Well the finishing touches were finalised 6.55pm opened at 7pm, i like to think i am better under pressure anyways...) and i never looked back.

I wont lie, these first five months have been hard, have made some good decisions but also some bad decisions, its all a learning curve though but make a mistake once i wont learn the even harder way by doing it a second time!

So it seems everyone needs some TLC at the moment and are enjoying my monthly promotion of free upgrade to Hotstones massage. (Vaild till end of March) You indulge in a massage full of warmth and relaxation.
Lets set the scene for you... You walk through to the warm treament room, candels are lit, your sences pick up on the aromatic oils burning. Whilst you drift off into your own world you feel the warmth of the stones, it feels like trickling water running down your back, feeling the tension just melt away. Placements of hand and chakra stones help balance mind body and soul.

Tip of the month - Come and experience Vanity Fair!!